My Commitment to You

My Commitment to You

It seems I was born drawing. It always came naturally to me. As a child my drawings and photographs were published in local media, and when I was ten I was awarded second place in the international art competition, The Young World Art Awards.

I love children and I love animals. It’s because of their sincerity I think; there’s nothing fake about them. My daughter and I are mum to an expressive and vibrant Ragdoll named Zahli who was a rescue cat (cheers to Cheltenham Cat Rescue).

I have great respect for my subjects and I approach each portrait with much care and importance. This is why I can promise to produce for you the very best portrait possible, one that you feel you really look into, not just look at.

Your portrait will never age or date and is there to be enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond. I know that having a portrait brings great pleasure; it is a terrific way to honor your pet and it helps you to stay emotionally connected to him/her so you’ll never lose touch no matter what life brings.

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