The Value of a Custom Portrait Painting

A painting is tactile.  When I build up your subject with layers of paint it becomes 3-dimensional and your portrait takes on a life of its own.

A painting can be changed easily – you can add your favourite background or another subject if there’s no way you could ever get a photo of two pets side by side! I’ve also added a treasured collar that was given as a gift years after the photo from which I was working from was taken (see ‘Guido’).

There is a depth and a perspective that can only be achieved in a painting due to materials used. You don’t just look at my paintings, you look into them.

Many hours of painting go into your custom pet portrait and each brush stroke is put on with thought and care.

The value of a painting will always outweigh its monetary value. Portraits take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours and your painting will last you a lifetime.